How to Continue Receiving Your Office Mail While Working From Home

December 01, 2022

After dealing with COVID, more companies are shifting to a permanent work-from-home situation.

If you are looking forward to a way to skip that trip to your office every weekend or have moved somewhere else entirely, a virtual mailbox service could be exactly what you need. A virtual mailbox service enables mail management from the comfort of your home and includes services like mail scanning, shredding, forwarding, archiving, and check depositing.

What Are Virtual Mailbox and Mail Forwarding Services? 

A virtual mailbox offers a permanent address other than your personal one to collect your mail. The provider scans in a copy of your mail and uploads it to your account, accessible on any device. The mail can then be forwarded to a personal address or shredded if unimportant. 

Virtual mailboxes are an all-in-one solution for people who travel often, business owners, and individuals hoping to control their mail management from anywhere. 

Why Choose a Virtual Mailbox to Receive Mail While Working From Home? 

Mail Sorting 

Mail sorting is one of the most significant advantages of subscribing to a virtual mail service; you get access to going through your mail without the hassle. 

You can add mail sorting as a feature with your provider, and they take care of the rest. A virtual mailbox takes away the stress of trips to the post office. 

Check Deposit 

Receiving payments through the mail can involve you receiving the check physically through an office mailbox or post office setting, then going to the bank to deposit it. 

A virtual mailbox provider can administer the whole process for you from opting for check depositing in your account.

Package Delivery

Virtual mailboxes can collect the packages for you and send them all together to any address you need. Having a virtual mailbox provider take care of shipping your belongings all at once saves you time and money. 

Mail Forwarding

Virtual mailbox providers offer a range of carriers to forward your mail an address you choose. Virtual mailboxes also offer you the option to sort your mail before forwarding, so you’re only getting what you need and leaving the junk behind. You can choose which mail you want in person, and view, archive, or shred the rest through the application or desktop website. 

A Resource for Virtual Mailbox Services 

Choosing a virtual mailbox can be challenging, especially with so many service providers with different options. However, SnapMailbox offers many necessary features for a reasonable price. SnapMailbox will handle your mail and any actions you need to go with it securely and efficiently, with customer service at the forefront. Make your work-from-home life more accessible, and try organizing your mail with us for 30 days free.