Scan and Forward Mail Anywhere in the World

It’s better than forwarding. All your mail and packages get scanned. Then you get a copy delivered right to your email so you can see it online, or log in to forward it anywhere.
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Get more flexibility with mail forwarding and virtual mail.

Your mail gets scanned and sent to your email. When you want it on hand, or when you get a package, you can forward it to anywhere that can be serviced by USPS or FedEx.

Simple, flexible forwarding

When you want something physically forwarded to you, just create a shipment in your account. You can ship mail and packages anywhere that USPS and FedEx will deliver, domestic or international.

Take advantage of faster processing


Complete forward shipment control


Perfect for busy professionals like freelancers, business expats, traveling nurses and doctors, & consultants.

Here’s how it works:

Online virtual addresses

Choose a plan and address

Whether you get a little mail, or a lot – we’ve got the ideal solution. Choose an address from our national network, then start pointing mail and packages there.

Mail Forwarding

Scan your mail, or forward it

We scan the outside of the envelope. If you want something fast, we scan the contents and you can view them online. When you need the physical copy, creating a shipment is easy.

Mail  Notification

Forward mail when, where, and how you want


“Mail that doesn’t slow you down.”

My business keeps me on the go, and without having a physical business address SnapMailBox has changed the game for me. Being able to choose where I receive my packages all the while providing a single address to my clients. I honestly couldn't imagine business without them!
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