Secure Mail Scanning With Full Text Search!

Never scan another document again. We’ll scan all your incoming mail, then convert it to hi-res PDF so you can search it just like email.
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Streamline, organize, and store all of your physical mail in one place.

Stop wasting time scanning documents and passing mail around. You can get it all online, scanned, searchable, and easy-to-share with authorized users or synced to the services you already use.

Automatic Document Scanning

Every piece of mail that comes in gets exterior scanned. Then you choose to scan the contents, or set up rules to automatically forward mail to certain preset addresses. 

Search, Store, and Share

All mail and document scans are done in high resolution, then converted to PDF with full text search. You can designate recipients, forward to different final destinations, and access stored mail at any time. 

Skip Your Desk Entirely

Point your mail to one of our addresses and skip the hassle of opening and sorting entirely. We’re authorized by the USPS as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent to accept mail on your behalf, so your back-office just got a lot more streamlined.

Scan in black-and-white or full color, store the physical copies or shred them securely. You’re in complete control.

Here’s how it works:

Online virtual addresses

Choose a plan and address

Whether you get a little mail, or a lot – we’ve got the ideal solution. Choose an address from our national network, then start pointing mail and packages there.

Mail Forwarding

Scan your mail, or forward it

We will scan the outside of the envelope. If you want something fast, we scan the contents and you can view them online. When you need the physical copy, creating a shipment is easy.

Mail Notification

Forward mail when, where, and how you want

“Organized already, so you don’t have to!”

I never even realized this was something I needed or wanted. Originally starting with SnapMailBox I just wanted an alternative business address. To my surprise it was even more than just that. My SnapMailBox account keeps a record of all mail received scanned online for my own personal convenience! Now I feel more organized than ever before. Thanks SnapMailBox!
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