Building Up Your Privacy Protection

It’s best to err on the side of caution when choosing an address for your business. You don’t want to use your private home address and have it available for anyone to see on public documents and mailing lists. A virtual business address can shield your home from unwanted eyes.

Your Virtual Privacy Screen

No one wants their home address listed on public websites where hackers, angry customers, or past employees can easily find it. But that’s your reality if you choose to use your home address for your LLC or corporation.

Since a business address is readily available to anyone with a quick Google search, it’s essential to choose wisely. SnapMailbox offers a network of over 30 professional U.S. business addresses to keep your information safe.

Keep Your Personal Life Private

You should never use your home address on business documents. Instead, use a virtual business address to keep junk mail at bay and avoid scammers’ prying eyes.

Boost Your Professional Image

Whatever address you choose will become public information. With a virtual business address, you can stay private and professional.

Use a Third-Party Registered Agent

Don’t risk your privacy by being your own registered agent and exposing your home address. The best way to protect yourself is by using a reliable, third-party service.

Safeguard Your Information

You don’t want a hacker getting their hands on your home address. A virtual mailbox is an easy way to enhance your privacy and reputation.

Secure Addresses Across the U.S.

Business records, financial reports, and other activities are public information. This includes the address you list on them. A virtual business address allows you to share your information with customers, employees, and even friends and family without risking your home privacy.

SnapMailbox Addresses

Privacy Features Made for You

We pride ourselves on bringing value to our customers through our top-of-the-line features. Each adds an extra layer of protection to keep your information safe and secure.

Unlimited Online Storage

We’ll safely store your scanned mail in your account for as long as you like with full OCRed search capabilities.

Unique and Flexible Packages

If you’re just looking for more privacy over your daily mail, we have the perfect package for you.

Online Data Security

Privacy is our top priority. We keep everything in your account private with 256-bit SSL encryption certificates.

Exceptional Customer Support

The SnapMailbox U.S.-based customer service team is equipped and ready to help you with any questions over the phone or by email.

Secure, Professional Addresses

Each of our addresses boasts USPS standard security measures, restricted access, and screened professionals.

Remote Check Deposits

There’s no need to go to the post office or the bank. We can safely deposit any check you receive through your secure online account.


What address can I use?

You can choose any address in our inventory to use as your virtual mailbox. We have real physical addresses available nationwide. View a complete list of our addresses here.

The exact address will depend on which one of our offices you select. Each one is slightly different, no P.O. Boxes will be listed. Here’s an example of what it will look like:

ACME Corporation
555 Main Street #5555
SMB 001
Springfield, Missouri 99999

If you would like an address in an unlisted city or state, we can work with a commercial mailbox service nearby. This means you’ll use our service with a non-SnapMailbox address of your choosing. You’ll have to have your mail forwarded to us so we can process it for your account online. In this case, your mail may be delivered as a bundle, so please notify us beforehand to avoid it being treated as a package.

If you file an official Change of Address form with USPS, all of your mail will be forwarded from your old address to your new SnapMailbox address. If you would like to use your SnapMailbox address for specific recipients, you can provide the address for only the people or companies you choose.

Yes! When you register your domain, you’ll either have to pay extra for a private proxy service or provide an address for the public WHOIS record. You can use your SnapMailbox address to keep your home address confidential, and we’ll weed out any junk mail sent for domain name registrants.

No. SnapMailbox is not authorized to serve as a registered agent. If you need a registered agent, we partner with a registered agent service provider available in all 50 states. SnapMailbox customers receive a special discount. Contact your SnapMailbox customer representative for more information.

At SnapMailbox, we prioritize privacy and security. As stated in our privacy policy, we take commercially reasonable steps to protect your online information. All of our physical addresses implement security measures in line with USPS standards, and we screen all employees and restrict access to physical mail. International shipments may require inspection, but almost all mail remains unopened unless you tell us to scan the contents. Plus, the scanning process is fast and automated, meaning no one can “read” your mail or checks when scanned.

Keep Your Personal Details Away from Prying Eyes

Protect yourself with one of SnapMailbox’s established addresses.