Manage Your Properties Remotely With a Virtual Mailbox

Real-time notifications allow you to track property documents, deposit checks faster, and manage invoices instantly.

Get Your Money Faster

Stop worrying about rent or going to the bank! Use our check deposit service to deposit tenant checks remotely and effortlessly.

Get Notified as Soon as Tenants Sign

The only thing standing between you and important rental documents are a few taps or clicks. Access your mail 24/7, and act immediately. You can save and file for convenient record keeping and communication.

Protect Your Personal Information

The last thing you want is for an evicted tenant to know your home address. Instead, use a virtual mailbox address for real estate listings or other documents and add an extra layer of protection. Keep your personal life away from your real estate business.

Get Mail and Bills in the Same Place

Track property bills and tax documents easily and digitally, all available for years to come. With the right keywords, you can find any document you need thanks to our searchable PDF scans. Rent rolls, maintenance repairs, taxes, bills, and anything else that comes your way is at your fingertips!

Find a Real Estate Business Address That Works for You

Ensure that your real estate business has the right image from the get-go. A professional, established look, thanks to our business addresses, is essential to increase your business.

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“Made My Life So Much Easier!”

Dealing with rent checks, lease agreements, property bills and tax documents can be overwhelming as a landlord. SnapMailbox makes handling all of that virtual, easy, and right at my fingertips. I have never felt more organized. Thank you SnapMailbox!
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