About SnapMailbox

From time-saving features to affordable packages, we’re changing how individuals and businesses manage their mail, one letter at a time.

Snapmail box

SnapMailbox’s founders are “serial entrepreneurs.” They love starting and building exciting new companies, but they never loved the mail. They grew frustrated with their mailing system after listing their home addresses, using full-service virtual offices, or taking multiple trips to their P.O. boxes. Plus, the dreaded pile of junk mail that came with each new company didn’t help.

This is where SnapMailbox comes in — a new and improved virtual mailbox system that is shaking up the industry. SnapMailbox was created to make life easier for individuals and businesses seeking the ideal mail management solution. By pushing the boundaries of virtual mailbox systems, SnapMailbox provides you the freedom to be on the go while ensuring your privacy stays safe and protected. SnapMailbox also promotes green initiatives by supporting global reforestation and conservation efforts inside and outside their offices.

As we continue to grow and find new mail solutions, we hope you join us and the thousands already using SnapMailbox. Our trained customer service representatives are ready to help you every step of the way. Try it today and see how SnapMailbox can help you manage your mail anytime and anywhere. It really is a snap!