About SnapMailbox

SnapMailbox was born out of the desire to improve the virtual mailbox space, giving customers what we wanted ourselves — flexibility and reasonable pricing.

Snapmail box

SnapMailbox was borne out of the desire to improve the virtual mailbox space giving the customers what we wanted - flexibility and reasonable pricing. We wanted to be able to access all of our mail online from anywhere in the world while using a real, private and secure street address and figured others did too.

The label “serial entrepreneur” applies to many on the SnapMailbox founding team. They love starting and building exciting new and successful companies. They did not love having to sweat the mail. We grew frustrated with either having to list a home address, use full-service virtual offices, or list a P.O. box for our mail. We also dreaded the deluge of junk mail that came with each new company and having to worry about whether the mail was properly being shepherded to the right person.

After researching the virtual mail options, we thought that we could do it better and cheaper. So, we did. Leveraging our own experience starting a number of businesses and our technology skills, we have streamlined the process and trained our customer service representatives to help you every step of the way. We even have a lawyer on the founding team, and occasionally, listen to him, to make sure we follow the rules why we continuously ask why can’t we do the mail better?

We hope you join us. You have cut the chord in other areas of your life. It is time to cut the cord to your traditional snail mail.