Keep Your Remote Practice Safe

Go digital with a virtual mailbox and add an extra layer of security, convenience, and privacy to your business documents. Want to give off an air of professionalism? We can provide physical addresses in respectable business districts to improve your professional business image and keep your data safe.

Protect Client and Personal Information

A virtual mailbox is a powerful extra layer of protection. Your online data and physical mail is kept secure thanks to our privacy policy and dedication to digital encryption. We screen every one of our employees thoroughly and restrict access to your physical mail. Our mail-scanning process is automated, meaning no one but you can read your mail.

Keep Your Life Private

Why put yourself out there when you don’t want to? A virtual mailbox address can be used as a business address, eliminating the need for using your home address. This means your residence is safe from being listed in legal or business documents that could become public. No need to worry about unwanted visits!

Get Organized

One look at a virtual mailbox and it’s obvious how helpful it is as an assistant. It organizes your client correspondence, gives you instant access to time-sensitive mail, and gets you paperless cloud storage for all your essential documents. Combine that with the ability to bypass junk mail, and it’s a no-brainer!

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Search Documents and Save Time

We've all spent half an hour searching through stacks of old junk mail for that one bill, auto renewal notice, or tax form that we know we saw just a few days ago. With a virtual mailbox, you'll never have to waste your precious time on a mail hunt again. All scanned mail is stored as searchable PDF files. Finding the right document is just a matter of a simple keyword or two.

Project the Right Professional Image

While they might be fine for some, we know you want your business to look truly professional, which means no home addresses or P.O. Boxes. SnapMailbox business addresses increase your company’s credibility by tying to real, professional commercial offices in reputable business areas.

Get Paid Fast

Get your money faster by submitting a check deposit request from anywhere. We’ll take care of mailing your checks and depositing them into your bank account. Want to save on processing fees? Just bundle checks together!

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