Your Business, Anywhere and Everywhere

A digital nomad’s work is never far away. A virtual mailbox offers the freedom needed to travel and keep your work connected without any additional hassle.

Keep Your World Stable

Wherever you may roam, your virtual mailbox address never changes. Keep a permanent address that can be used for:

Online virtual addresses


Mail Forwarding

Driver’s Licenses

Mail Notification


Mail Notification


Mail Notification

Credit Cards

Stay Connected

A virtual mailbox allows you to stop worrying about missing mail ever again. With just a few taps or clicks, you’ll have access to all your mail and know exactly what’s coming in. Received an important document? Just open it remotely! It’s as easy as 1-2-Click!

  • 1No matter where you are, your online shopping is forwarded to you.
  • 2Time zones are no problem. Keep in touch with clients and customers from anywhere in the world.
  • 3Whatever you’re doing with your virtual mailbox stays with you. We make sure that your mail and business information stay private.

Get Paid Quickly

No more trips to the bank! With our check deposit service, checks from clients can go into your bank account quickly. All you have to do is submit a check deposit request and we’ll handle the rest.

“Amazing Customer Service!”

Amazing customer service. Very descriptive, very knowledgeable, and very helpful! Not only answered all my questions but also helped with every detail and went the extra mile and helped even more! I’m very happy with the service
mail forwarding

What SnapMailbox Does That Snail Mail Doesn’t

Package Forwarding

Make sure your mail or packages get to the right end address with package forwarding.

Check Depositing

Getting a check into your bank account quickly can be difficult for a digital nomad. But SnapMailbox's check deposit service gets your checks into your account fast and easy.

Real-Time Notification

Every piece of mail triggers a notification to make sure you see it ASAP. Take action on it immediately and continue exploring the world.

Space-Saving Features

Only keep the mail you need. You can choose whether to save, delete, forward, or shred every piece of mail you get.

24/7 Access

Your SnapMailbox mailbox is always there, ready for you to check it anytime, anywhere.


Our 256-bit SSL encryption and privacy policy ensure no one else even glances at your mail.

Enjoy Freedom in Just a Few Clicks