How a Virtual Mailbox Works

March 03, 2023

From legal forms to bills, many vital documents come through the mail at once, which can be tough to manage when traveling or working from multiple locations. Your inbox can become cluttered with advertisements, promotional campaigns, and spam, making it hard to get to the essential stuff. 

Luckily, there are many options for efficient virtual mailbox solutions because they have become such a staple in the remote working world. It can be beneficial for your business to have a digital mailbox that lets you receive physical mail from anywhere and keeps your work info separate from your personal address. It does not matter whether the business is small, remote, home-run, or international; anyone can use virtual mailboxes to receive and sort business mail as a long-term mailing option.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

This service allows an individual or business to receive mail at a virtual address instead of their real business or home address. The providers hold a physical place where your mail is received. They then upload your mail to their digital platform so you can view what comes in wherever you are, in real-time.

The virtual mailbox provider can receive large parcels and packages for the owner, including deliveries requiring a signature. Some service providers also offer long-term mail storage for less urgent deliveries with an additional fee. You will be alerted via push notification when mail comes in. You can then ask your mail service providers to do the following:

  • Open the scanned letter in your online account
  • Forward the mail or package to your home address
  • Shred or recycle the mail

Other than notification, the virtual mailbox will offer you mail services like:

  • Online mail viewing
  • Package forwarding
  • Mail disposal or recycling
  • Check depositing
  • Package storage and shipping

How to Get a Virtual Mailbox?

To get a virtual mailbox, you must complete USPS Form 1583. When filling out the form, there will be multiple options to choose from, like receiving notifications, providing a supply forwarding address, and picking up the physical mail. Virtual mailbox suppliers will ask for some form of official identification on the form when registering for a mailbox.

The next step is to request an address change. Mention the new destination address, where mail should be forwarded, and whether the change is temporary or permanent. Your mail and packages will be sent to the new address as soon as they arrive. They will then be scanned and uploaded for you to view in your virtual mailbox account. Simply log in to your account and decide if you need to scan, forward, or use any other service mentioned above for your mail.

Who Uses a Virtual Mailbox?

Whether you move to a new location, travel full time, or work remotely, a virtual mailbox is a beneficial tool to keep your mail organized with one address no matter where you are. A virtual mailbox offers many benefits for many people and organizations. Here are some potential benefits and features for each type of potential user:

Startups and Small Businesses

A virtual mailbox provides startups and small businesses digital mail management solutions, saving time for the organization to focus on other essential tasks. It’s the quickest and simplest way for you to keep track of your mail and packages, and offers long-term benefits for your business such as:

  • A permanent address linked to a commercial office
  • An option to change your address whenever you need
  • Privacy protection with a business address available for public and state websites
  • Immediate access to mail from anywhere and any device
  • A document management solution to store and archive all vital business documents online

Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are those who live and work while traveling between different locations. With this lifestyle, anywhere becomes their office, including coffee shops, public libraries, and coworking spaces. They communicate digitally with other coworkers to work efficiently without any restriction of location. With a virtual mailbox, digital nomads can receive:

  • Easy management of mail and packages
  • A permanent street address
  • Security of mail
  • Check deposit services


People who travel frequently can use a virtual mailbox to stay connected and not worry about potential vital documents going missing or junk mail piling up. A virtual mailbox offers multiple benefits to travelers like:

  • Real-time mail access
  • Convenient use on any device, anywhere
  • Easy way to forward mail and packages
  • Affordable and effective features


Expats are people living in different countries for their job or personal reasons. They can face delivery issues at permanent addresses across countries. It’s difficult to check a physical mailbox frequently if it’s in another location or if a location abroad doesn’t allow for certain mail and shipments to come through. A virtual mailbox provides opportunities like:

  • Ability to stay connected using a permanent address
  • Convenience of managing and handling all deliveries
  • No comprise of privacy

How to Can Get Your Own Virtual Address

SnapMailbox offers professional addresses of your choice for both personal and business needs. You can access and view your mail anywhere, allowing you to organize it from any device. To see our services in action firsthand, try us out for 30 days completely free and potentially find a virtual mailbox solution that works for you.