Who Needs a Virtual Mailbox?

SnapMailbox provides mail solutions to a variety of lifestyles, from businesses in many industries to individuals seeking more privacy and control over their mail. 


Small Business Owners

SnapMailbox is a convenient and affordable mail solution for small businesses. Gain immense flexibility and control over your business with instant, 24/7 access to mail and important documents.

Frequent Travelers

Whether you’re taking a trip to visit your in-laws or spending a few weeks traveling around Europe, SnapMailbox keeps you connected and worry-free. Enjoy your time off with our convenient and affordable mail solution.


Don’t let your mail keep you tied to one address. SnapMailbox allows you to receive everyday correspondence and important documents from anywhere in the world, giving you the flexibility and convenience to work and live where you please. 

Digital Nomads

Add a virtual mailbox to your list of digital tools and always stay connected to your work and clients. With instant access to packages, invoices, and payments, SnapMailbox easily integrates into your remote lifestyle, keeping your mail fully digital.

Property Managers

SnapMailbox is the ideal solution for property managers. With the added privacy of a commercial address, 24/7 access to invoices and payments, and direct bank deposits, you can manage all of your properties on the go.

Business Professionals

No matter what industry you work in, SnapMailbox is your new mail solution. Increase credibility with a real commercial address, save time with 24/7 access to mail and important documents, and gain flexibility with a completely paperless office.

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