Your Postal Mail Online

With a real street address, you can receive all
of your postal mail online. Every­thing else
has moved to the cloud, your mail can, too.

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How SnapMailbox Works

No more junk mail. No more worrying about missing a letter again,
regardless of where you are in the world. It really is a snap!

Virtual mail services

Free Yourself

Keep your home address private
and end the trips to a P.O. Box all
while enhancing your credibility
with a real physical address.

Paperless Mail

Get Better Organized

Scanned mail is sent in PDFs you
can directly save on your
computer or network. Adopt the
paperless life.

Increase Security

Increase Security

All unwanted is shredded. Your
mail is only available on your
secure cloud-based account
unless you want it forwarded.

Open Your Virtual Mailbox Now

People are “cutting the cord” with everything else, why not the mail?
People will still send your mail to a real physical ad­dress and it will
show up in your electronic inbox no matter where you are. It is a snap!

Never miss the mail – no matter where you are in the world, your mail is delivered to you instantly online every­time.

Save Time – No more trips to the post office, download and save your mail online, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Protect your privacy – Have mail delivered to a real address other than your home or your office and have all unwanted mail shredded.

Fast service – Your mail will be in your inbox a few days from when it is delivered to your personal customized real physical address.

No more clutter – junk mail is thrown out and if you don’t have us forward your mail, it is shredded.

Find the package right for you – SnapMailbox offers a variety of packages that fit your needs and are just right for you.

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The perfect resource for
modern startups

You can manage all of your mail right from your
smartphone or email inbox. This secure,
cloud-based solution is perfect for travelers or business
professionals who don’t want to use their home
address or run to the post office to pick up their
mail. With SnapMailbox, you can receive UPS or
FedEx packages and easily sort mail on your computer.
Manage it all from anywhere in the world.

Receive your mail from anywhere
in the world with 3 easy steps

Use our real physical addresses to receive mail
in a quick, secure and organized manner.

Sign up

Create your account

Once you sign up and authorize us to receive and open your mail, you can have mail sent to one of our many physical addresses.

Mail Notification

We receive your email

When we receive the mail, we scan the envelopes and notify you via email that you have mail.

Mail Forwarding

We scan and forward your mail

You tell us straight from your inbox whether you
want the envelope shredded, opened and
scanned, or forwarded.

The SnapMailbox
solution is perfect
for you.

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With an array of flexible packages available, we have
the perfect solution for your mail needs.

Learn more about our packages
Small Business Professionals

Increase credibility and flexibility with a real street
address without having to worry about going to
the post office or using your home address.

Frequent Travellers

Don't let the mail keep you from the open road.
Travel as much as you want wherever you want
and never worry about missing a letter, bill or
importance notice again.

Snow Birds

Do you spend significant time in more than one
location? Consolidate all of your mail to one
location – your smartphone or inbox.

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