Say Hello to Virtual Mail and Unlimited Freedom

Gain 24/7 access to your mail with SnapMailbox’s affordable and flexible virtual mailbox service.

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How SnapMailbox Works

SnapMailbox allows you to manage your mail from anywhere in the world through a
secure cloud-based account. With a variety of time-saving features, you can stay
connected to your mail without risking your privacy.

24/7 Access

24/7 Access

View scanned mail sent
straight to your inbox for
instant review.

Easy Organization

Easy Organization

Adopt a paperless lifestyle
and download scanned
mail to your computer or

Increased Privacy

Increased Privacy

Keep your home address
private, and have us shred
any unwanted mail.

Manage Your Mail From Anywhere in 3 Easy Steps

Take advantage of SnapMailbox’s services, including mail forwarding, scanning, and more.

Sign up

Create your account

Simply sign up, choose an address, and authorize us to receive and open your mail.

Mail Notification

View scanned mail

We’ll scan and upload your mail immediately when we receive it and notify you via email so you can review it.

Mail Forwarding

Choose to open, forward, or shred

Let us know straight from our app what you want
to do with each piece of mail. We can shred it,
open and scan the contents, or forward it
anywhere — it’s your choice!

Mail Has Never Been This Easy

No more trips to the post office. No more junk mail. Choose a real physical address and receive mail straight to your smartphone or inbox.

Never miss a thing – View mail sent straight to your inbox for easy review.

Save Time – Get instant notification of any new piece of mail — anytime, anywhere.

Protect your privacy – Use an actual commercial address for your business instead of your home address.

Gain fast mail service – Get scans of envelopes and packages the same day we receive them.

Remove unnecessary clutter – We automatically discard junk mail and shred any unwanted mail.

Access specialized features – Select from a variety of pricing packages that fit your individual needs.

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Keep your mail accessible and secure at the same time.

SnapMailbox’s secure, cloud-based solution is perfect for anyone who wants more control over their mail, from frequent travelers to business professionals. You can easily manage all of your mail right from your smartphone or email — anytime, anywhere. Plus, your home address stays private, and rushing to the post office becomes a thing of the past.

The Perfect Resource for Any Lifestyle

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From individuals to small businesses, SnapMailbox offers a variety of flexible packages made for your specific needs.

Learn more about our packages
Business Professionals

No matter what industry you work in, SnapMailbox is your new mail solution. Increase credibility with a real commercial address, and save time with 24/7, immediate access to mail and important documents.

Frequent Travelers

Whether you’re taking a trip to visit your in-laws, spending a few weeks backpacking around Europe, or constantly traveling for business, SnapMailbox keeps you connected and worry-free. Enjoy your adventures with our convenient and affordable mail solution.

Digital Nomads

With instant access to packages, invoices, and payments, SnapMailbox easily integrates into your remote lifestyle, keeping your office fully digital.

Snow Birds

Traveling to warmer weather doesn’t mean you have to lose access to your mail. SnapMailbox lets you receive and manage your mail from anywhere in the world, all through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Where Convenience and Freedom Meet!

“Since I signed up with SnapMailbox, not only do I feel more organized, not having to handle junk mail is great. Their support staff is top notch. It truly seems like they care! Keep it up!”

Manage your mail from the palm of your hand

Join SnapMailbox and start your virtual mailbox journey today.