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All the benefits of a professional address, none of the hassle.

Here’s how it works:

Online virtual addresses

Pick a Plan and

No matter the size of your operation, we’ve got the ideal solution. Find the address you want from our national network and start receiving packages and mail ASAP.

Mail Forwarding

Scan, Check,

Let us do the work. We’ll take care of scanning envelopes and notifying you when you have mail. Need to see the content right away? We’ll scan it so you can view it online. Forwarding is easy when you need the physical copy!

Mail Notification

Choose What to Do With
Your Mail

After the envelope is scanned, all you have to do is log in and tell us what to do with your mail. We can open it and scan the contents for you to view digitally, forward it to you, or send the whole thing into the shredder unopened.

What Makes a Virtual P.O. Box Better Than a Physical Mailbox?

Identifying the most convenient mailing service for your business can be tricky. This guide will help you weigh the cost and service options between old-fashioned P.O. Boxes and virtual P.O. Boxes.

Features Physical P.O. box Address VIRTUAL P.O. BOX
Manage Mail Online No Yes
Receive Scanned Images of Mail No Yes
Forward Packages & Mail Anywhere No Yes
Recycle & Shred Unwanted Mail No Yes
Safety Precautions for Mail & Packages No Yes
Physically Store Mail No Yes
Cloud Mail Storage No Yes
Sub-Accounts for Multiple Users No Yes
Permanent P.O. Box Locations No Yes
Live Support No Yes

The SnapMailbox Difference

Why do business leaders choose SnapMailbox? It’s probably because our features take virtual P.O. Boxes to another level.

Unlimited Online Storage

When you tell us to scan your mail, we’ll store it in a secure online account during your time as a customer with fully OCRed search capabilities. This is unlimited storage you’ll always have access to. Read, forward, or print your mail from anywhere.

Flexible Packages

Whether you’re one person looking at our personal mail package starting at $9.99 per month or a business looking for a multi-user account, we have a package to suit your needs.

Total Security, Online and Offline

Our mailing addresses are secure locations with postal professionals. 256-bit SSL encryption certificates secure your account while it’s stored in the cloud.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Our U.S.-based professional customer service team supports our customers with phone or email support.

Professional-Looking Addresses

We would be proud to have our available addresses as our own. We’re constantly updating our available addresses, so check our latest list and let us know if you think we should add any.

Remote Check Depositing

We can deposit any check you receive in the mail. Using your secure online account, we eliminate the post office and a trip to the bank.

What Are the People Saying?

“Turning physical into digital!”

I cannot tell you how excited we've been with the change of no longer having to deal with actual physical mail anymore. Day to day checking your mail was as easy as a click of a button, instead of actually having to go through the work of picking it up and sorting through it all. This has been one of the best decisions we have ever made!
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