Best U.S. Cities for Remote Businesses

June 17, 2022

According to a recent Gallup poll, 25% percent of Americans work exclusively from home. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that you could work from just about anywhere for many occupations. Many remote workers also discovered that some geographic locales are better places to work from home.

If you’re thinking about starting a remote business or are working from home for an employer, consider the following top places to work remotely in the U.S.

What Makes a City Ideal for Remote Work?

The ideal remote city possesses a variety of attributes. At the top of the list is affordability. If you’re going to work from home full-time, it only makes sense to live in an area of the country where you can stretch your dollars the farthest. When real estate is affordable, you can easily dedicate part of your home to an actual office rather than working on your kitchen counter. You can afford to set up the ultimate office space when the cost of living is low.

Access to amenities is also essential when building the list of the best places to work remotely. A popular reason to work from home is to save on commute time and expenses you can spend on doing things you enjoy. Some amenities that make cities amenable to remote work include beautiful outdoor spaces, access to exciting recreational activities, and the ability to broaden your mind and expand your cultural horizons via trips to museums, art galleries, and more.

On the practical side, internet speed and access to coworking spaces and nearby educational institutions are also top priorities for the best places to work remotely. If you’re close to a college, you can attend workshops and seminars and pursue a degree or certificate program.

Some states across the U.S. offer incentives to workers who move to their cities and work from home.

17 Best Cities for Remote Workers

While you can work remotely from just about anywhere in the U.S., the following hubs feature many attributes that make working from home efficient and enjoyable.

Asheville, North Carolina

When it comes to the best cities for remote workers, Asheville, North Carolina, checks a lot of the boxes. The town, which lies in the Blue Ridge Mountains, boasts a reasonable cost of living, attractive housing options, and excellent Wi-Fi. While the median home price in Asheville is higher than in some areas of the country at $421,664, it’s a deal compared to other resort-style locales.

The city has plenty to keep you busy at the end of your work day. The mountain city is an artistic hub and features hundreds of art galleries and studios, including live music, a thriving culinary scene, and a craft beer culture. There are also many outdoor adventures in Asheville and its surrounding area, including hiking, biking, mountain climbing, and kayaking.

Austin, Texas

The capital of Texas is one of the best cities for remote workers. There’s a lot to love about Austin when you work from home, including the mild climate. In Austin, you can expect 300 days of sunshine and average warm temperatures even in the cold months. The average temperature in November, for instance, is 71 degrees. 

You can keep busy during your off-hours in Austin, including taking advantage of its downtown area, which sits next to the picturesque Lady Bird Lake and holds an active restaurant scene. In addition to museums, the city—known as The Live Music Capital of the World—features music venues and seasonal live music festivals. The mild weather in Austin makes exploring the surrounding natural wonders especially appealing. Enjoy scenic trails and beautiful lakes where you can hike, bike, and boat.

Like the rest of Texas, there is no income tax in Austin, making living and working remotely here even more appealing. This helps offset the median cost of a home in Austin, which has risen 40% in the last year to $681,389.

Boise, Idaho

The capital of Idaho and the largest city in the state, Boise offers a lot to those who choose to work remotely. The city lies along the Boise River and is in the southwestern part of the state. Snow-capped mountains to the north protect the area during cold months, resulting in mild winters. Summers are hot and dry.

Boise is one of the least expensive in the nation for a metro area, which is also home to a major university. The median home price is $535,281, and the overall cost of living is in line with much of the United States. The lower expenses in this active community are one reason why some tech companies choose to leave pricy Silicon Valley for Boise.

Remote workers living in Boise can choose from many outdoor activities. These include visiting one of the city’s expansive parks for hiking and biking and taking a short trip to one of the nearby ski resorts.

Cincinnati, Ohio

With a low cost of living and affordable home prices, Cincinnati is on the list of one of the best cities for remote workers. According to Payscale, the cost of living in Cincinnati is 8% lower than the national average. You can find a median-priced home in Cincinnati for $229,000. The city also offers fast Wi-Fi speeds, enabling work to be done efficiently and effectively.

When it’s time to play, there is plenty to do in the area, including visiting venues like the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, the Newport Aquarium, or catching a game at the Great American Ballpark. The arts are also a priority in the city. The Cincinnati Music Hall is home to many performing arts groups, including ballet and opera.

Columbus, Ohio

This central Ohio city has many perks when it comes to home-based work. The cost of living is low in Columbus. You’ll find that it’s 14.5% below the national average. Housing is also highly affordable in Columbus, with the median-priced home at $237.772.

When it’s time to get out and have fun, you’ll find various outdoor spaces in Columbus, including parks, wilderness areas, and hiking trails. A hotspot is Scioto Mile, a public space used as a concert venue with nature areas, a public climbing wall, and an interactive fountain. A wide variety of public art, including murals, can be found throughout the city.

For indoor activities, you can enjoy a variety of museums. You can stop by the Nationwide Arena for hockey and basketball games and concerts.

Duluth, Minnesota

Overlooking Lake Superior and offering breathtaking views, Duluth, Minnesota, provides many outdoor recreation activities for those who choose to live and work from home. The area features opportunities to boat, kayak, and paddleboard, as well as ski, snowboard, sled, and ice fish. There are 100 parks in the area and miles of hiking trails.

In addition to the area’s vibrant outdoors, Duluth is pro-business. Home to a wide variety of small companies and startups, this is the perfect location to work remotely. The internet connection is high-speed, and there’s a wide variety of nearby educational institutions, including the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Regarding the cost of living, Duluth is also a winner. The median home price in Duluth is $252.943, which is lower than the median price for the state.

Fort Collins, Colorado

When it comes to an outdoors experience, Fort Collins, Colorado, reigns supreme. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this northern Colorado city provides an outdoor experience every month of the year. After a day’s work, enjoy hiking, biking, and climbing. During winter, trek to nearby mountain ranges for skiing and snowboarding opportunities. This vibrant town also features innovative restaurants and several craft breweries, ensuring you’ll never be bored.

Fort Collins is also home to Colorado State University, which means there are a wide variety of formal and informal opportunities to expand your horizons. You can enroll in a class or pursue a degree and participate in the many events and activities you’ll find in a college town.

By resort-style living standards, Fort Collins is relatively inexpensive. The median home price in the area is $578,655.

Frederick, Maryland

Frederick is an ideal hub for a work-from-home lifestyle. The area boasts lightning-fast internet and is home to numerous tech companies and startups. The city also has plenty of coworking spaces to rub elbows with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Located less than an hour from the nation’s capital, Frederick is close to major hubs on the eastern seaboard, including Baltimore, New York City, and Philadelphia. The median home price is $424,728, making it an affordable location for a town close to major metropolitan areas.

When it’s time to stop work and have fun, you can find many opportunities in Frederick. You can visit museums, historical sites, fine dining establishments, and artistic venues. There is a state park and opportunities to learn about our nation’s Civil War history.

Jacksonville, Florida

No income tax throughout Florida is just one reason Jacksonville is a haven for remote work. In addition to cost-of-living savings, you can enjoy maritime weather throughout the year in Jacksonville, located on the Atlantic coast. The warm weather means there are plenty of options when it comes to outdoor recreation. The city boasts 87 miles of coastline, lakes, and rivers. You can also enjoy the urban park system, as there are more than 400 national, state, and city parks in the area. Enjoy running, walking, cycling, boating, and more.

The cultural and arts scene is also robust in Jacksonville. You can experience many annual music festivals in the area and a wide variety of museums.

When it comes to coastal living, Jacksonville is more than reasonably priced. The median home price in the city is $296,359. The overall cost of living is also low, making this a dream remote work city.

Memphis, Tennessee

Tennessee is in the group of states that don’t charge income taxes. This and the low cost of a median home here at $149,136 makes Memphis one of the best places to work remotely in the U.S. The area has several high-speed internet providers and access to coworking spaces with dedicated desks and offices.

The city of Memphis sits on the Mississippi River, offering a wide variety of entertainment options after you’ve finished your workday. These include enjoying music indoors and out with good food. If you like the great outdoors, there’s also plenty to do. Visit the area’s many beautiful parks, hiking trails, and lush forests.

Milwaukie, Oregon

This former mill town is becoming increasingly popular as one of the best cities for remote workers. Milwaukie showcases gorgeous Pacific West scenery combined with affordable home prices. The median home price in Milwaukie is $543,634, which is in line with much of the rest of the state and less expensive than nearby Portland.

Milwaukie is within the Silicon Forest. This refers to a cluster of high-technology computer and electronic firms. The name is comparable to the Bay area’s Silicon Valley, which has become increasingly unaffordable for remote work due to high real estate costs. (The average home price in this area is now more than $1 million).

During off-hours, there’s much to explore in Milwaukie. There’s an active weekly farmers market that takes place most of the year, an aquatic park, and the Milwaukie Museum.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The low cost of living and plenty of amenities make Pittsburgh an ideal work-from-home locale. This lively cultural hub has fast Wi-Fi and plenty of public libraries. In the Pittsburgh metro area, 68 universities and colleges are helping to transform the area into a vibrant science and technology hub.

The cost of living in Pittsburgh is reasonable for a major city. The median home price is $237,934, making the area extremely livable. The area also has a plethora of green spaces and many recreation opportunities. You’ll find plenty of museums to explore, including the Carnegie Science Center and The Andy Warhol Museum. Pittsburgh is known as “The City of Champions” and is home to three professional sports teams.

Sacramento, California

Sacramento is the ideal locale if you want to work remotely in the Golden State. Though California is known for high home prices, the median cost of a house in the state’s capital is low at $510,000 compared to $790,475 in California as a whole.

You’ll also find a concentration of creatives and innovators working in a wide variety of coworking spaces in the Sacramento area with access to high-speed internet.

It’s easy to stay occupied in this Northern California city during your time off. The outdoor-friendly climate features many days of warm, sunny weather. The city is amidst many natural wonders, including Lake Tahoe, Napa, and Sonoma counties, where many fine wines originate. The culinary scene is well-known in Sacramento, as is the availability of fresh produce at the city’s farmers market.

Springfield, Vermont

Springfield, Vermont, may be your answer if you want a bucolic existence at affordable prices while you work from home. The median price of a home in this city nestled in the Vermont mountains is just $177,333.

Known for being a tiny tech hub (and boasting excellent Wi-Fi), Springfield is home to the Black River Innovation Campus (BRIC). This 501(c)(3) non-profit aims to eliminate barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and small business owners in the digital and technology industry by offering space at the facility.

Vermont has also offered a relocation package to remote workers through a worker relocation grant program. That program is currently closed but may be reopened in the future.

The natural amenities in Springfield are many. You can hike in one of the many parks at the end of your work day and enjoy the scenery.

Topeka, Kansas

Combining big city perks with the Great Plains’ wide-open space, Topeka is one of the best cities for remote workers. The area has become a budding startup and tech hub for entrepreneurs, so you’ll find many creative types to network with.

The cost of living in Topeka is low, with the median home value at $158,346. In addition to saving money living in Topeka, you could even earn cash for choosing the city as one of the best places to work remotely in the U.S. Through the city’s Choose Topeka program, you could receive grants of up to $15,000 for relocating if you purchase a home and up to $10,000 if you rent.

Tucson, Arizona

When it comes to the ideal haven for work from home, Tucson ranks high. For starters, housing affordability is excellent. According to MAP for Southern Arizona, 64.4% of homes sold in the Tucson Metropolitan Statistical Area are affordable to families earning the local median income. The median home price of a Tucson home is $318,818.

The warm, southwestern climate in Tucson offers those who work from home an opportunity to get out and enjoy the many natural wonders of this area of the country. Composed of desert terrain and surrounded by mountains, Tucson features miles of hiking and off-road biking trails, as well as rock-climbing and lots of bird-watching opportunities. While the summers are hot and can reach 100 degrees and higher, during cooler months of the year, the temperatures rarely dip below 40 degrees.

Tucson also has a thriving arts scene and educational opportunities. The city is home to the University of Arizona and several other schools, including the Southwest University of Visual Arts.

You’ll find high-speed internet in Tucson and several coworking spaces where you can connect with a community of fellow remote workers and aspiring entrepreneurs, including those in artistic professions.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

As one of the most affordable cities in the nation, Tulsa’s cost of living is relatively low. The median home price is just $180,510. The city also provides one of the best incentive programs for remote workers. Tulsa Remote currently offers workers who relocate $10,000 in cash.

If you want to get out of the office or have meetings scheduled, there are coworking spaces you can use downtown. Wi-Fi is also fast throughout Tulsa.

Tulsa lies along the Arkansas River and at the foothills of the Ozark mountains. The climate is relatively mild, and there are plenty of native spaces to explore. You can enjoy hiking, jogging along several trails, and visiting the many parks in the city. Tulsa’s indoor and outdoor recreational activities, including the zoo, museums, and thriving arts scene, are plentiful.

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