Why Freelancers Should Consider a Virtual Mailbox

September 15, 2022

The freelance community continues to grow and become a popular career path for many entrepreneurs. Many freelancers find themselves with a different routine compared to a typical 9-5 employee. This has been especially true with the rise of digital nomads, who often find themselves freelancing as a way to fund their travels. 

Without a traditional employer to manage the expenses of running a business, freelancers invest their own money in tools and resources for effective results. A digital mailbox can serve as one of these tools to simplify a freelancer’s mail management process. 

What Is a Virtual Mailbox? 

A virtual mailbox is an online service that digitizes your postal mail so you can easily access it anywhere, anytime on your devices. A virtual mailbox provider gives you a physical, professional address for your business. When physical mail arrives at that address, they scan it into your cloud-based account for you to view. Basically, you get the benefits of a physical mailbox address without a lot of the hassles.

How Does a Virtual Mailbox Service Work? 

The virtual mailbox service scans in your snail mail and transfers it to your account to view, providing you with the flexibility to access it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. From there, you have several options depending on the service and plan you have. You can simply view your mail items through a service’s dashboard, leverage whatever mail forwarding service your virtual mailbox provider includes, shred or recycle a piece of mail, etc.

A virtual mail service offers freelancers and other entrepreneurs flexibility, efficiency, and safety while fulfilling the need to have an actual physical mailing address. A virtual mailbox gives you an address you can share with clients or file your business under without disclosing your personal physical address.

Benefits of a Virtual Mailbox

1. Professional Appearance 

Potential clients know a residential address when they see one. A virtual mailbox sets up a professional business address to build credibility amongst customers. The great thing is, you don't lose the confidence that comes with having a real street address. You can choose one of any number of physical street addresses located in reputable business districts in the USA and retain that air of professionalism. Anyone sending you mail might think you’re surrounded by office buildings when really you’re just in your home office monitoring your notifications. 

2. More Cost-Effective than Other Alternatives 

We’re not just talking about pricing here. Virtual mailboxes are excellent alternatives for small businesses that wish to cut and consolidate costs. For example, you won’t have to cover office space rent by working remotely and monitoring mail virtually. You can set up an entire virtual office, including your mail, with just a yearly or monthly fee.

There are other, less drastic cost-effective benefits to a virtual mailing address as well. You might not even think about it, but getting a P.O. Box involves getting transportation to and from that physical street address where the P.O. Box is located. Putting aside the issue of money, that’s valuable time you could be using as a freelancer to work on your business. Why use it on unnecessary trips to the post office? 

3. Highly Secure and Organized 

Maintaining home address privacy is good practice for security purposes. A virtual mailbox allows a secure way of receiving mail without putting that information out to clients.

A virtual mailbox service also offers many features to help keep your business mail organized. Of course, there’s the standard feature of mail storage, having a centralized dashboard where you can see your scanned mail. There are also several important additional services to consider, such as mail forwarding, package forwarding, local pickup, the ability to mail shredding (say goodbye to junk mail), and more. Additionally, the best of these services will have a mobile app to go with the services, whether for Android or iOS, making staying organized on the go a breeze. 

4. Easier Document Retention with Integration 

An excellent virtual mailbox service makes it simple to merge your physical mail coming in with any applications you are familiar with, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. With the help of a virtual mailbox, carrying a computerized record of all essential documents becomes an attainable task. 

5. Quicker Payments Through Check Depositing 

As a freelancer, you’ll work with customers who deploy various methods for payments, including checks. With the help of a good virtual mailbox service, you can get paid faster with their check depositing services. They receive your checks and deposit them directly to the bank, so your money comes to you without any hassle.

Find a Provider to Meet Your Virtual Business Address Needs 

SnapMailbox offers you a professional address for your business with all the features you need for mail management. You can view your mail in your account portal anytime, anywhere in the world. Start organizing your freelancing mail with us for 30 days free to give our services a try.