How to Obtain Proof of Address to Open an Amazon Store


Let’s face it, opening an Amazon store isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. The process can be downright confusing, lengthy, and unpleasant, particularly when providing required documents. 


It’s not just about having the correct documents. You need to make sure that each one lists the same address, which means you need to get yourself a business address. It may seem daunting, but thankfully there’s a practical solution. Let’s go through each step and what you’ll need.

How to Open an Amazon Store

Starting the process of opening an Amazon store is itself not too complicated. You’ll need to open the main Amazon Seller Central page and click the “Sign Up” button. Note that you’ll need to have the following information on-hand when signing up for an Amazon seller account:

  1. Your business and contact address

  2. Your mobile or telephone number

  3. Your credit card associated with the business account

  4. Additional documents that prove your identity and address


Everything on that list is essential, but unfortunately, many business owners run into problems when providing proof of address.

Setbacks to Opening an Amazon Store

Before opening an Amazon store, you’ll need to show proof of address by sharing two documents with your physical business address, such as a lease agreement and a utility bill. This presents a challenge to business owners that don’t have physical locations in the U.S.


If Amazon is unable to verify your proof of address, your documents will be rejected. This is one of the most common issues people experience during the process.


Amazon will reject your application if they can’t confirm the business’ ownership or location. Everything comes down to the physical address listed. So, how do you provide proof of address and make sure something simple like this doesn’t hinder your path?

What Documents Do You Need as Proof of Address for Your Amazon Store?

Lease or mortgage statements and utility bills are the most common documents used as proof of address.


We’ll touch on lease agreements first. Simply put, if you own the building your business is located in, you can show Amazon a deed or mortgage statement. If you lease, just provide a lease agreement.


Don’t have either or need a U.S. physical address? Our leasing solution is here to help. We can provide you with the address to a leased office space that you can use as proof of address for Amazon.


The utility bill is a little trickier, especially because it can’t be in someone else’s name. It must be associated with the physical address you used to register, and it needs to meet the following requirements:

  1. It must be a water, electricity, gas, internet, or telecom bill issued by the utility company. This means VOIP and mobile phone bills are not acceptable.

  2. Both the name and service address must be visible and be the same as the company and physical address.

  3. If you’re leasing, your name on the bill must match the name on the lease agreement.

  4. The bill must have been issued in the last 180 days.

Obtaining a Utility Bill for Your Amazon Store

Verifying your proof of address requires a utility bill that matches the address on the other documents you submit. Here, too, our lease solution helps you. 


You can add a utility bill option to our lease plan to complete your proof of address requirements for Amazon. We’ll send you a utility bill in the lessor’s name and include the service address that proves the physical address exists.


Best of all, you’ll have ample time to set up your store because the bill is effective for three months from the date you get it.

How to Submit Amazon Store Documents

Submitting your lease agreement and utility bill documents is fairly simple:

  1. Use the drop-down menu to select your country/region.

  2. Upload documents to the “Submit required documents” section.

  3. Enter and submit your contact information.


Be sure to upload the entire documents because Amazon tends to reject screenshots or partial uploads. You should expect the review process to take up to two business days.

A SnapMailbox Solution for Opening an Amazon Store

An Amazon store exposes your products to a wider audience, but the need for a physical address and proof of address documents can be a roadblock to startups. SnapMailbox’s building lease solution is here to help.


This solution includes our versatile and powerful virtual mailbox, a lease agreement and physical address, and an optional utility bill to complete the proof of address documents you are likely to need.


Break down those barriers and start selling! Learn more about this plan and what it can do to bring your Amazon store to life today.